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Photos from the Annual Conference, WIC Meeting, Legislative Conference and other events throughout the year.

In Case You Missed Our Webinars...

Practice Survival in the Midst of COVID-19

A recording is posted here.

Slides are posted here.

Coping with COVID: The CV Team Experience

Slides are posted here.

Congratulations to Michigan's New FACCs!

M. Chadi Alraies, MD, FACC Ramanjit Kaur, MD, FACC
Abeer Berry, DO, FACC Matthew Konerman, MD, FACC
Steven D. Brooks, DO, FACC Taylor Lebeis, MD, FACC
Nagib T. Chalfoun, MD, FACC Deirdre Mattina, MD, FACC
John Coatney, MD, FACC Mandeep Singh Randhawa, MD , FACC
Brittany Fuller, MD, FACC Brian M Renard, MD, FACC
Jason J George, MD, FACC Arash Salavitabar, MD , FACC
Hamid Ghanbari, MD, FACC Tim Samaddar, DO, FACC
Gunjan Gholkar, MD, FACC Yamuna Sanil, MD, FACC
Venu Gourineni, MD, FACC Oluwafemi Showole, DO, FACC
Zaher Hakim, MD, FACC Devraj Sukul, MD , FACC
Gregory D. Hazergian, DO, FACC Marty Tam, MD , FACC
Scott L. Hummel, MD, FACC Athanasios Tsiouris, MD, FACC
Karl J Ilg, MD, FACC Pedro Arturo Villablanca, MD, FACC
Sunil Paul John, MD , FACC  

ACC Releases New Clinical Competencies For CV NPs and PAs

The ACC recently released the 2020 Clinical Competencies for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants in Adult Cardiovascular Medicine to identify the knowledge and skills that are important for nurse practitioners (NPs) and PAs working in general cardiovascular medicine and cardiovascular medicine subspecialty areas. The document is the first competency statement issued for non-physician members of the cardiovascular care team.  Read more.

ACC.20/WCC is On Demand and Free through June 2020

Take advantage of the vital science and education from ACC.20/WCC Virtual.  You can access videos, abstracts, slides with highlights from across 10 clinical learning pathways, and industry presentations — all On Demand and FREE through June 2020. 

VISIT:  virtual.acc.org

Mark your calendar for ACC21 March 20-22 in Atlanta!

 Take Care of Yourself!

Mindfulness and meditation are important in times of stress.  These apps have 1-3 minute exercises that are great midday or pre-sleep.

COVID-19 Info

Cockpit View: Blue Angels over Detroit



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